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Private Pilot

A Private Pilotís Certificate will allow you to take friends and family anywhere in the world you choose.  This is the first step in your aviation training.  Becoming a Private Pilot you will be able to fly most single engine airplanes, day or night.  Additional training from a qualified Flight Instructor will allow you to fly high performance aircraft, complex aircraft and tailwheel aircraft.  To fly multi-engine aircraft additional training and another practical exam is required.


• 17 years of age
•  Private written exam
•  FAA Third class medical
•  40 flight hours
•  20 hours dual (with instructor)
            3 flight hours cross country
            3 flight hours of simulated instrument flight conditions
            3 flight hours at night
  • 10 flight hours solo
            5 flight hours cross-country


40 hours in aircraft - $4200
20 hours dual in aircraft - $800
10 hours pre/post briefings with instructor - $400
Private Pilot Kit and books - $200
Knowledge Test (Written Exam) - $165
Headset, Kneeboard, & Charts - $325
Checkride - $600
Total - $6690*
*Prices shown are subject to change. Costs will vary depending on each students commitment and proficiency.