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This page is specifically for DOSS graduates who are interested in finishing the requirements for a FAA Private Pilot Certificate.

Check rides with a designated examiner are currently being scheduled 4 - 6 weeks out.  Commit early so we can schedule yours immediately in anticipation of your graduation date.

We offer the opportunity to complete your FAA Private Pilots Certificate in Pueblo flying a Diamond DA-20. 

While individual specifics vary, officers who have completed the RPA course at DOSS require about 10 additional hours of flight time, taking a written exam, followed by a check ride with an FAA designated examiner in order to obtain their Private Pilot Certificate.

The necessary flight time and instruction costs approximately $2500 including a $600 fee paid directly to examiner in cash.  Additional costs would include food and lodging.

This is a perfect opportunity to finish your training in an airplane you have already trained in and in an environment you are familiar with.  Our competitors in Texas are more expensive and less accessible.  Take advantage of this opportunity now while your aviation knowledge and skills are at their peak.

You must present an original birth certificate or valid unexpired passport prior to training

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To register, complete the following forms and email to ASAP

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