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Commercial Pilot

Becoming a Commercial Pilot allows you to receive compensation for flying.  Some examples of for hire pilot careers are:  Airline Pilot, Cropduster, Flight Instructor, and Skydive Pilot.  This certificate trains you to become the master of the flight controls and maneuver the aircraft in a professional manner.  A second class medical is needed if you plan to use your commercial certificate for hire.


•  18 years of age
•  Private Pilot Certificate
•  Commercial written exam
•  FAA Third class medical (Second class if using certificate)
•  250 flight hours total time
        100 flight hours PIC
            50 flight hours in airplanes
            50 flight hours PIC cross-country
        20 flight hours dual
            10 flight hours instrument training
            10 flight hours in a complex aircraft
            100 nm / 2 flight hours day cross-country
            100 nm / 2 flight hours night cross-country
        10 flight hours solo
            300 nm cross-country
            5 flight hours at night


250 total time - Varies
10 hours in complex aircraft - $1200
10 hours dual - $400
Written - $165
Checkride - $600
Total - $2,365*

*250 hours for total time will include the time acquired during the private and instrument training. Depending on how you build this time the costs will vary.  Prices shown are subject to change. Costs will vary depending on each students commitment and proficiency.