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Instrument Rating

The instrument rating is a great addition to a Private Pilotís Certificate.  It gives you the ability to fly through the clouds, and is useful when you can climb through a layer of clouds to proceed to your destination.  The instrument rating will teach you many new skills, you will learn the inís and outís of the air traffic control system and gain the ability to fly solely on the flight instruments and navigation systems.


• 17 years of age
•  Private Pilot Certificate
•  Instrument written exam
•  FAA Third class medical
•  50 flight hours PIC cross-country
•  40 flight hours actual or simulated instrument conditions
•  15 flight hours dual
•  250 nm cross-country


45 hours cross-country - $4725
35 hours simulated instrument - $3675
35 hours dual flight - $1400
10 hours pre/post briefings with instructor - $400
Books and charts - $250
Knowledge Test (Written Exam) - $165
Checkride - $600
Total - $11,215*
*Prices shown are subject to change. Costs will vary depending on each students commitment and proficiency.